Networking and Distributed Systems

Today's Internet has some 1.7 billion users and sees enormous demand---on the order of 40 Tbps of inter-domain traffic and an annual growth rate of 44.5%. To meet the needs of these users annual telecommunication infrastructure investments exceed $185 billion. Our group seeks to understand and create the necessary protocols, software, and services that support this phenomenal growth.

Systems Security

Information technology (IT) adds $2 trillion annually to the US economy alone, and, while these technologies have enabled significant global economic growth, they have become rich targets for criminal activity. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) indicated that cyber crime reached an all-time high in 2008; cyber crime now ranks as the FBI’s third highest priority, behind such dramatic threats as counter-terrorism and counter-espionage. Our group seeks to ensure the security, reliability, availability, and overall trustworthiness of the nation's information technology resources.

About Us

The Network and Security Research Group's research spans both the fields of Networking and Security. As primarily an experimental computer science group, our work is concerned with observations and analysis of phenomena in these fields as they exist in practice and at scale. While these are broad and diverse fields, we routinely explore exciting specific areas including: IPv6, cloud computing, mobile computing, malware, botnets, web security, and phishing. We are part of a much larger community doing Security Research @ Michigan.