NSRG People

Farnam Jahanian
Currently The National Science Foundation's head of Computer & Information Science & Engineering. Research interests include distributed computing, network security, and network protocols and architectures.
Michael Bailey
An Associate Research Professor at the University of Michigan. His research contributes to the sciences of computer security, network architecture and design, network protocols, and distributed systems.
Jing Zhang
A PhD student whose research focuses on the social and financial impact of computer and network security.
Jakub (Jake) Czyz
A PhD candidate, Jake is broadly interested in IPv6 and network security, with a focus on practical applications, real data, and studying large-scale security threats and their mitigation. He is also interested in securely managing IT infrastructure.
Kyle Lady
Kyle is a first-year Ph.D. student, with current projects relating to IPv6, malware, and DNS. Interests include Internet-scale measurement, DNS, security analysis/design, and distributed systems.
Kee Shen Quah
A PhD student who is interested in Internet-scale measurements and Cloud Computing Systems. His current work focuses on quantifying the scale and impact of Internet advertising and analytics.
Denis Bueno
PhD candidate. His research focuses on push-button algorithms for mathematically proving security properties of software binaries.
Olga Kornievskaia
A software engineer
Henry Fanson
An undergraduate student studying computer science. Interested in improving quality of life through computer security.

Former Students and Group Members

  • Mukesh Agrawal (Meraki)
  • Abha Ahuja (Heaven)
  • Jonathan Arnold (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
  • Michael Bailey (Univ. of Michigan)
  • Monica Brockmeyer (Wayne State)
  • Ari Chivukula (Facebook)
  • Evan Cooke (Co-founder @ Twilio)
  • Scott Dawson (Arbor Networks)
  • Wu-chi Feng (Portland State)
  • Nate Gallaher (Univ. of Michigan grad school)
  • Rob Hall (Jeppesen)
  • Junghee Han (Samsung Electronics)
  • Scott Iekel-Johnson (Arbor Networks)
  • Oleg Krogius (Microsoft)
  • Dave "Dirt" Langhorst (Endgame)
  • Craig Labovitz (Co-founder @ Deepfield)
  • Yiwen Li
  • G. Robert Malan (Co-founder @ Arbor Networks)
  • Pedro Marron (Univ. of Stuttgart)
  • Sam Miller (Microsoft)
  • Todd Mitton (Akamai)
  • Zach Musgrave (Yelp)
  • Andrew Myrick (Apple)
  • Kaustubh Nyalkalkar (Pontiflex)
  • Jon Oberheide (Co-founder @ Duo Security)
  • Jon Poland (Arbor Networks)
  • Alex Robinson (Google)
  • Karl Rosaen (Google)
  • Sushant Sinha (Yahoo)
  • Matthew Smart (Google)
  • Eric Vander Weele (Bloomberg)
  • David Watson (Ford)
  • Yunjing Xu (Square)
  • Hengming Zou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)