NSRG Active Projects

  • PREDICT - The Virtual Center for Network and Security Data is a unique effort to organize, structure, and combine the efforts of the network security researcher community with the efforts of the data measurement and collection community. Under the umbrella of the Protected Repository for the Defense of Infrastructure against Cyber Threats ( PREDICT) our virtual center provides a common framework for managing datasets from various data providers.
  • IPv6 Adoption - We are gathering and analyzing multiple large sources of longitudinal IPv6 adoption data in order to gauge deployment and usage of the burgeoning protocol via a global and broad perspective. This is the most comprehensive such study ever conducted.
  • IPv6 Background Radiation and Dynamic Dark Space - We are studying traffic to unreachable IPv6 address space using a methodology that gives us insight not just into traditional background radiation/network telescope/darknet data but also into address space that dynamically becomes externally dark due to control plane failures or is dark due to deliberate lack of route announcement by assignees. This is the largest IPv6 dark address study to date.

Sponsors and Collaborators